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Display Issues

Postby johneboy » February 14th, 2013, 11:57 am

Hello! It's good to see some other Evoke owners out there on this forum.

I've had my Evoke for about a week now and while it is fast and good for web browsing etc, I have found a couple of annoying issues with the display when navigating the main front screens.

1. You can position icons so that they are partially off the screen at the bottom when in landscape mode.
2. When you switch to portrait mode icons end up being partially off the screen at either side.
3. When in portrait mode the soft volume controls appear and obscure the notification bar.
4. You have to manually clear notifications as there is no "X" button to clear them all down.
And the most annoying of all......
5. When switching from portrait to landscape the part of the screen that had the notification bar becomes corrupted showing garbled parts of the icons and status bar and no matter what you do it will not return to normal.

Has anyone else had any of these issues or have any fixes for them?
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Re: Display Issues

Postby Spyder » February 14th, 2013, 2:04 pm

Hi Johneboy,
I had the same problems with the screen layout and decided to change the Launcher. Being new to Android I don't really know one Launcher from another, so I started by downloading the "Go Launcher Ex" from the Google Play Store. This was based on the price, (FREE) and the user reviews. I've been playing around with it for nearly a week now and I feel it's a definite improvement on the stock Launcher. It allows you to change the size of the screen grid too, so with a bit of experimentation I've managed to get a layout that works in both Landscape and Portrait mode.

I'll leave it to more experienced Android users to suggest alternatives, there appears to be a wealth of them out there, but this might help solve some of your problems. Let me know if you find the ultimate solution.
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