Forum Changes. Please Read

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Forum Changes. Please Read

Postby Fonefixer » July 25th, 2011, 1:47 pm

I have made some changes to the forum which I hope will make it look a little neater.

When you log in and go to "user control panel" you will now see two extra fields at the bottom of your profile. They are marked:

Real Name: (you can put your full name in here or just your first name)
Scroll Version: Please input your scroll model number and firmware version numbers in this box.

Look on the right of this message at my mini-profile and you will see what can be done.

This will then put the relevant details in all your posts automatically under your username on the right. This has been done with a view to making members lessen their signature space a little. If you do decide to use the profile fields provided please delete all signatures unless necessary.

If you have any questions / comments please do so in the relevant thread.

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