Registration & Login Issues

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Registration & Login Issues

Postby Fonefixer » June 27th, 2011, 4:45 am

Due to an unacceptable increase in the amount of spam being posted on this forum, we have been forced to take drastic action with immediate effect.

User profiles are also being looked at more closely. You are welcome to place links to websites in your profile but they must be legitimate links to websites which you run. Anyone found having spam links even in their profiles will be asked to remove them. Failure to do so within 48 hours will result in an immediate and permanent ban from this forum.

New registration process

All new registrations are now manually approved by a Forum Admin, this may take a few hours. We have had little choice but to implement this policy in order to keep spam posting to a minimum. If your account has not been activated in 24 hours please contact us at [NOSPAM]scrolltabletforum[at]gmail(dot)com[NOSPAM]

Cant log in?

If you are already a member and find that you cannot log in because your ip has been banned in error please send an email to [NOSPAM]scrolltabletforum[at]gmail(dot)com[NOSPAM]
The matter will be investigated by one of the moderator team who will rectify the situation as appropriate.

We would like to thank all genuine members of this forum for your continued support.

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