WiFi File explorer

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WiFi File explorer

Postby a0r0a7 » February 20th, 2012, 10:23 pm

This App allows you to manage the files on your Scroll via WiFi using your laptop on your home network. It requires no configuration on the Scroll, it just works. It presents you with an explorer type file structure for you to dig deep into your Scroll. The Free version allows you to download/ delete/ copy etc... the files on your Scroll and download it to your laptop one at a time. The Pro allows batch operations of files, take your pick :)

On opening the App it advises the IP address and port to enter into your laptop browser. On entering the IP address and port on your laptop the Scrolls file structure is displayed. There is also quick access to find music/ video etc... on your Scroll.

I downloaded music that was on my Scroll which I had in no other form anywhere and can now use the music elsewhere :D

You can also upload files from your laptop back to the destination choice on the Scroll although I have not tried this at present.

The connection to your laptop is only open when the App is open on the Scroll. On closing the App the connection is dropped so your Scroll is secure.

The plus point as well is removing Apps completely saving internal memory ;)

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