PLEASE HELP! Scroll 8" 2.3 andriod - many questions!

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PLEASE HELP! Scroll 8" 2.3 andriod - many questions!

Postby davutd » February 22nd, 2012, 6:36 pm

Hi people, so I've turned 18 & recieved this Scroll 8" tablet for my bday with 2.3 andriod pre-installed. Been using it for half an hour and I am actually shocked at the amount of problems I've come across.

Firstly I'm considering installing a modded firmware so I have access to all the homebrew apps & system mods (somethings I am in DIRE need include an actual app store, themes, modding of my 'pull down' tab, battery % icon, microsoft word suite and lastly but certainly not leastly, a pokemon app). I have read into things on this forum about 'gingerbread', but find it difficult to understand. I'm not the most advanced modder, I put blackrain on my last iphone, but other than that I haven't got the time to learn.
Furthermore is there anyway I could install an I-tunes type software so I could connect the Scroll 8" with my iphone4?

Secondly I've noticed how slow the bloody thing is, kmon I understand it isn't an ipad, but really, lag when scrolling pictures?! I was wondering if I could replace the 256mb ram with a 512 or better? Or allocate a proportion of the hard drive to increase its speed? Also I know it says the max SD card is 16gb, but does anyone know if it could take a 32gb or more? And could excess memory be allocated for additional speed from an SD card?

Other minor issues include the inability to view video on the youtube app (I see a black screen but recieve audio), the inability to download .ppt / .doc formats (instantly 'fails'), also I'm locked on sild tilt orientation (I activated 'auto tilt' and it goes straight to landscape, tried re-calibrating but it doesn't help). I'm sure there are many more, but like I said I've only played with it for an hour or so.

Any help or tips welcome, thanks in advance.
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Re: PLEASE HELP! Scroll 8" 2.3 andriod - many questions!

Postby Charlie » February 22nd, 2012, 7:33 pm

Topic locked!

This thread is now continued here --> viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2105

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