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Postby merkmcmadman » February 3rd, 2013, 9:50 pm

Hi guys,

The easiest way to get your tablet back up and running is to flash stock firmware ( through Live suite (

If you can't get your P.C to recognise the tab then download PDANET desktop from here ( and install which will fix any driver issues.

Turn off your tablet holding power for just over 10 seconds
hold vol - or +
plug in usb
press the power button around 10 times

Livesuite will recognise your tablet and enable you to flash. Make sure you flash and don't upgrade.

This will get your tablet back to stock firmware with root and you can start from scratch.

There is multiple ways of flashing your Elite but trust me the only way you should flash is using CWM.

Next step is to download super user, terminal emulator and es file explorer through the play store.

I'm not entirely sure if this part is needed but open es file explorer - head to settings then root settings and ensure all boxes are ticked and you grant SU privileges to ES.

Installing CWM:

Download CWM v6.0.1.0 for A10c here (

extract and place in the root of your sdcard or ext sdcard

Open terminal emulator and type:

SU in order to get Superuser rights

type as follows depending on the location of your files

cd mnt/sdcard or cd mnt/ext

To boot into recovery type

When flashing your chosen rom whether that be CM9 or anything else.

Perform a full wipe
Flash rom
flash GAPPS
Flash compatibility IMG (907c works well but no gsensors are working, will test out new ones tonight and update if I find anything better)

After testing out a few different roms I settled with an AOKP rom which seemed to be less buggy. CM9 was ok but battery life was poor on my tab. CM10 was buggy and unusable in my eyes.

With AOKP I get great battery life on SmartassV2 and when needing to push the tab performance setting works great.

AOKP firmware ... troy/aokp/


Hope you can make sense of this if not then give me a shout. :)
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