Scroll Essential (Telechips) strange behaviour

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Scroll Essential (Telechips) strange behaviour

Postby jpcdriver » March 23rd, 2013, 7:27 pm

I have one of the older Telechips versions of the Essential which has run OK for a year or so but over the last two months has locked up about 5 times, requiring me to go into the recovery menu each time, and do a factory reset. After the last reboot yesterday when I had only got a couple of programs reinstalled they started acting strange, crashing without and without errors, the browser would open the home page and then crash (disappear) without trace. This morning the machine locked up again.

Has anyone seen similar behaviour before? I've just done Check Hardware in the recovery screen and only the soundcard, wifi and RTC report as OK, everything else says Error! I think it may be dieing but before I ditch it thought it might be worth seeing if anyone else has seen anything similar and nursed the machine back to health.
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