Scroll Essential Stock Recovery Image (3e)

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Scroll Essential Stock Recovery Image (3e)

Postby Lukasiewicz » June 3rd, 2012, 6:03 pm

Model No 53511 - The OS was Android 2.3.4. This has 1.3 Ghz CPU, mali400 GPU, 512 Meg Ram ( 512Meg Ram with 128 Meg shared with video).

Could anybody supply recovery Image for the Scroll Essential to re flash back to factory state?

Was very happy until somehow unit became corrupted. Should state did make not any attempted at rooting or modding - just download apps from Google market place. New to android so I did not take know about taking recovery image of working system.

Switched off then found it would boot only to the Scroll balloon screen.
I could at this point switch on and off and would just end up at the balloon screen.
Tried reset button several times - same result. Now I have lost track a bit - at some point it failed boot at all. Holding down the power key would do nothing at all.

Then discovered that pressing Menu Key and power key together would boot into the Androids recovery screen.
Then thought "On well I've just installed some application" and so I went for the factory reset option which reformats all user data. Possibly this was not a good idea - was it at this point it would to boot up at all? I could however boot up into Androids recovery menu and that's all. And for a long while that's all I could do.

Next stage - using "LiveSuite 1.07 x86 x64 "and a copy of "97F1-D1-H1-H01-1291-20111122.img" which is the Scroll Excel recovery image
Hold Sound+ key then pressing power key ten times as shown in the video I flashed the Scroll Excel recovery image to the Scroll Essential.

Result ;
Now boots up to the Scroll Balloon Screen, The Android booting Sequence and finally the Android Log on Screen.
Where a upon I am locked out for the obvious reason that the Excel has a capacitive screen whilst the Essential has a resistive screen. Auto rotate works but obviously I can unlock screen as my finger movements have no effect. Before anybody laughs I knew this - just wanted to test the hardware and confirm its working.

So at this stage my guess would be,
(1) Nothing wrong with the hardware and I have the A10 version.
(2) Need to find Scroll Essential recovery image - Gingerbread 2.3.4
(3) droid may now be in some fit state where I can install CWM .
(4) May as well try to install beta of Android 4.0 as all I can do is stare at locked screen.
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Re: Scroll Essential Stock Recovery Image (3e)

Postby Lukasiewicz » June 3rd, 2012, 9:55 pm

Quick Fix Solution:
Note:Very Sorryit's late I will tidy up in the morning - the below is rough
Short Term Fix Just to get up and going again - tested it works - you will ended up with a slightly yarvik branded android but least it will work. The image will give you Gingerbread 3.2.4.
Update: Sound does not work, No access to google Play/Market place. But other than that it it functional.

Use file TAB220_A234.img
and a copy of
Firmware Flashing Tools:
1.) LiveSuite 1.07 (English) - 3.51MB
- recommended tool (x86 & x64) used to flash firmware for AllWinner A10 tablets
2.) Instructions to use LiveSuite to flash firmware
- Word document (.DOC) with instructions and pictures

(1) Power Off Completely - Making sure Battery is charged 97%.
(2) Open livesuite + choose TAB220_A234.img
(2) Holddown Volume+ button
(3) Insert usb cable into android whilst still holding down vol+
(4) press power on button 6 or 10 times? I say until WinXP wakes upbeeps and then asks for USB drivers- then stop.
(5) After pointing winxp to directory containg usb drivers
D:\Android\Androids 4\LiveSuite 1.07 x86 x64\LiveSuite 1.07 x86 x64\UsbDriver
D:\Android\Androids 4\LiveSuite 1.07 x86 x64\LiveSuite 1.07 x86 x64\UsbDriver_x64
I was asked to do this twice by XP - I did not argue
(6) After XP recognises the drivers LiveSuite should pop up with a prompted to ask whether you want to safely format - say yes.
More details LiveSuite are contained in document ( The instructions refer Android 4 this post is just about going back to 3.2.4 fast)

Also watch the long you tube on this - see thread "I give up"
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Re: Scroll Essential Stock Recovery Image (3e)

Postby Lukasiewicz » June 4th, 2012, 11:36 pm

Latest Installment; Again it's late will try to write up later.
Used LiveSuite and TAB220.img to install ICS 4.03. Now have Ice Cream Sandwich running. Everything seems to work.
Then ran "IceCreamSandwich-4.0.3-Google-Play-Script which gives me Google Play and more.
The knack seems to be getting the USB drivers right. And the confusing instructions don't help. Will try to write this up properly with instructions in the morning.

Tried suggsy89's 4.04 build and I was left with booting into the Yarvick Screen - instead of Balloon Screen. So I gave up and just starter with the Yarvick stock image and everything seems to work out the box.
Again sorry for the messy reports will tidy up later.
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