Scroll 7D or Evoke

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Scroll 7D or Evoke

Postby motherhupit » September 22nd, 2013, 10:07 am

Hi just wondering if anyone had any ideas on these two tablets,

I currently have an Excel i use mainly now for XBMC on the TV, i did get a evoke but it was DOA so i sent it back and never got another one, build quality looked good and the RK3066 chip seamed promising.

Now i have seen the 7D table from scroll it looks very good value, but has any one had any experiences with the 7D does it run smoothly and is there any other problems, the 7D has a A20 chip so not as good although scroll seem to say its got a quad core mali-400 so the only other diff is maybe the 1.2 ghzs clock compared to the 1.6 ghzs of the rock chip in the evoke, also the A20 (which the 7D uses) fits in the A10 (scroll excel chip) architecture so it might be using the old architecture of the scroll excel hence the reduced price, you can get a 7D for 68 pounds now..

Any info would be much appreciated

Thanks. Seb
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Re: Scroll 7D or Evoke

Postby Trashcooky » September 23rd, 2013, 12:23 pm

It is always hard to choose how best to spend your hard earned money, and probably whatever device you decide to buy you will still wonder if other choices may have been better.

It is now even more difficult to make comparisons between these two tablets as Storage Options no longer list the Evoke on their current web pages, although it can be found on historical searches. So chances are if you buy an Evoke from 3rd party sources there will be little or no ongoing support.

You may notice, if you search the forum that member's Scroll purchases activity/information has diminished dramatically on the forum. This may be because of the recurring member posts complaining that Storage Options support and customer service leaves much to be desired.

Historically, Storage Options release information about their latest android tablets in the lead up to Christmas so you should keep your eyes open and be patient as if you definitely want an Evoke or 7D then prices may well soon drop if new tablets (as expected) are announced.
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