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Access The Recovery Menu

Postby Fonefixer » March 12th, 2011, 3:22 am

Your Scroll has a hidden system recovery menu. It performs four functions detailed below. To access it, proceed as follows.

1) Connect the charger to your scroll ( not necessary but you dont want it dying when performing functions in here - you are at risk of reconfiguring it as a brick!). Your scroll will power on, turn it off again.
2) Press and hold the "vol+" key.
3) Whilst holding the above press and hold the power button until the android symbol appears.
4) Press the "home" hard button.

You will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

Android system recovery <2e>

Android system recovery utility

reboot system now
wipe data/factory reset
wipe cache partition

To scroll down the options use the "vol+" key
To select an option use the "vol-" key

Below is an explanation of each function:

reboot system now
Does what it says - doesnt actually reboot it, just quits recovery menu and turns off.
This loads files from your sd card. It is used when these files are published from various sources which can do anything from installing a new system app to a complete new operating system - this can kill your scroll if used incorrectly.
wipe data/factory reset
This does what it says but at a lower level than the normal reset option in the android settings menu. It basically rebuilds your operating system from a recovery image stored on your device.
wipe cache partition
This option removes all user data from the device.

Only use this recovery menu as a last resort - people with 1.02(s) firmware versions have reported killing their scrolls when using this menu.

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