The Touchscreen

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The Touchscreen

Postby Fonefixer » March 11th, 2011, 3:17 am

Your Scroll is fitted with what is known as a "resistive touchscreen". Those of you who own iPads etc will find that you have to push harder on the Scroll to get a response on the screen than with your Apple device. Thats because the Apple device is fitted with a "capacitive touchscreen".

What's the difference?

Resistive: These are made up of two thin sheets separated by a grid. When you press the screen the resistance of it changes in a particular area on the grid, the location of which is processed by the scroll. The reason you have to push harder on these is that you have to physically squash the two layers together to change the resistance and get a response.

Capacitive: These are one sheet of glass coated with a transparent conductor. Your body is also an electrical conductor, so when you touch the screen it changes the electrostatic field of it in a particular place which is sensed and processed by the Scroll's controller device. One disadvantage of these screens is that using them with gloves on produces unreliable results, if any. Many people use a purpose-built capacitive stylus in winter if they are wearing gloves.

Details on cleaning it can be found here:

If you scratch the screen there are polishes available that will remove them dependent on their severity, my advice would be to always use a protector sheet - these are considerably cheaper than a new screen and the polishes available dont, in my opinion, produce consistently good results.

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