Firmware Versions & Updates

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Firmware Versions & Updates

Postby Fonefixer » March 9th, 2011, 6:46 am

Firmware Versions
0.94: The first scrolls were loaded with this version - seems to be the most stable.
1.00: This version appeared shortly after, was affected by a battery indication issue that has been resolved by the update available on the SO website.(see below)
1.01: Issued on scrolls shortly after - android market problems (see forum for details and fix)
1.02: Issued on scrolls shortly after - android market problems (see forum for details and fix)
1.02s: Issued a couple of months after the scroll appeared on the market - appears to have no recovery system.

Your Scroll has the ability to receive firmware updates. My advice would be to leave it alone if you are not experiencing problems.At the present time there is a 1.02 firmware update listed on the Storage Options website, but please read the statement below from Storage Options.

"Please be aware that this firmware update should only be applied to 7" Scrolls which are currently running firmware version 1.00 and experiencing an issue where the Scroll reports a battery charge of 5% when booted.


This applies to the V1.02 update currently posted on their website. Users who have the 0.94 & 1.01 & 1.02(s) versions should therefore not attempt the upgrade.

Also worth noting is that firmware downgrade is not possible at this time.

Anyway, to perform the firmware upgrade if you REALLY need to you will find instruction here:

To find your firmware version click the menu hard button then "settings", scroll down to "about device".

This post will be updated as required with new official firmware details.

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