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Improve Battery Life

Postby Fonefixer » March 15th, 2011, 2:02 pm

Your Scroll is quoted as having a four hour battery life.

If you want to improve it there are a few things you can do.....

1) Reduce screen brightness
2) Turn off Wifi when not in use
3) Perform the "PMT Mod" that is mentioned on this forum - this disables the apps that the android system uses when its loaded on a phone.

To perform the "PMT mod" you need to have "root" access on your Scroll. Here's the instructions:

Courtesy of forum member Diego:

"Disable the phone APK's as they are constantly trying to reach a network which the Scroll can't actually use as there is no phone hardware in the device. The APK's are Phone.apk, Mms.apk and TelephonyProvider.apk and are in \system\app\.

To disable them change .apk to .old ie phone.apk becomes phone.old, etc. They MUST be disabled in the following order: phone.apk (then shut down the Scroll and start it again (MUST DO THIS!), then mms.apk and then telephonyprovider.apk, then reboot again."

There is a slightly easier way - you dont need root access for this app to work. Download and install Battery Booster from:

Once installed, start the program and change settings as follows:

In the "Battery Tweak Tab":
Calibration Notification - leave alone - should be disabled.
"On Device Lock"
Turn off wifi - ticked
Turn off bluetooth - ticked
Turn on airplane mode - ticked
"On device unlock" - all unticked
"Smart battery saver" - ticked
"security level" - low

It will also repeatedly play a bloody annoying voice prompt when the battery is full and charger connected - to disable it untick "enable battery full beep"

You can also change the screen brightness with this app (at the bottom of its main screen). Note that the app will not turn on wifi itself with the airplane mode activated. To turn on wifi use the "wifi settings" in the main scroll settings page.

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