Anyone know what the new 2.3 version of the scroll is like?

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Re: Anyone know what the new 2.3 version of the scroll is li

Postby bt0558 » June 15th, 2011, 8:12 am

I ordered a Dropab from a Hong Kong place that took a while to appear after placing my order. I was a bit jittery about chinese/hong kong but thought i would give it a go. Got cold feet and cancelled.

Took delivery of scroll 52577 Saturday last.

Mine is very quick although I will look at launcher pro as recommended earlier and i it gets faster I will he ever so happy. Will see how this cuts across the launcher that the thing came with which does the job for me up to now.

I have access to the market for both free and paid for apps. Have been in there about 10 times over several days after switch off/on and it isnt howing any signs of stopping (yet).

Youtube app works brilliantly.

Thread on here talks iplayer but havent tried that yet, will do today.

Unable to root yet. Another 2.3er has tried gingerbreak and z4root and neither works.

I am currently setting up ADB and access from my pc windows 7.

I bought 4GB class 2 and 16GB class 10 microsd cards, micro sd to USB converter (£2 and a bit on play) and a 4gbUSB stick. All make storage and transfer of apps etc to scroll very quick and simple. Can use microsd cards in usb etc, very flexible. Class 10 makes transfer of large files from PC quicker but no real benefit on scroll taht i ca determine but i will tweak a bit to see what I can come up with.

One USB only. Memory stick woks no problems (no need to mount or anything) and have used external mouse and keyboard. They work but I havent used them extensively. Working on the seagate 320 external freeagent, may be a powered issue. Now wish I hadnt thrown away those two powered hubs i bought from play for 1.99 each and was storing for a rainy day.

I find the screen outstanding. Sensitive and accurate, very responsive. I mainly wanted a capacitive screen and wasnt disappointed.

There i the flash websites issue but this isnt a problem for me. Any internet stuff I do other than fetching the odd app and looking at bbc news I do on the laptop.

Ebooks and videos work perfectly with this is the main reason for buying the tablet. Was going for kindle for ebooks (computer / psychology not mills and boon) I and I am more than happy I went this way instead.

I have a store (Scan) warranty which i must fill in he card and a manufacturers warranty. No import issues and if it goes wrong i am confident it will be fixed. For this I gave up samsung cortex a8, 512 gb ram and access to flash sites but for the peace of mind I am very happy at the moment.

The thing as an aluminum case and is very robust. I dont like the clunky buttons so I have put an advanced taskbar app so that I can do whatever I want almost without pressing the buttons.Sometimes needs an extra "touch" or two but is is a pleasure to touch so no real issue for me and a big gain.

I am waiting for my £2.?? HDMI cable from play after which I will know how good the HD TV output works.

No sure of battery life but seems ok. Am in the process of running down and charging to extend battery life as long as possible. Considering getting a backup battery and adding a power jack plug so I can plug in and have an extra 6 hours if an when I go to any remote desert islands with no power.

Sound is a bit feeble from the speaker but a couple of ipod style external speakers loaned to me b the wife (she doens't actually know yet) fix that too. The built in sound is ok for listening to music, I have the radio app so I can listen to most radio stations in the world, sound on videos is ok. External speakers make a big difference but more to lug around so i use built in most of the time.

If I manage to root I will upload images here for people to mess about with and I will (with help from another kind scroll user) try to install GPS dongle.

Hope this is useful.


model scroll 52577
Android 2.3.1
Rooted (manually via ADB 29/6/2011)
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Re: Anyone know what the new 2.3 version of the scroll is li

Postby DZWRambo » June 15th, 2011, 9:38 am


I have the Scroll 7" Cap 2.3, so far Market works using Launcher Pro, Youtube comes pre-installed and works fine, BBC iplayer works using Skyfire Browser 4.0, the touch screen works like a dream - very responsive.

Scroll 7" SCR052577
Android 2.3.1
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