How to open your scroll

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Re: How to open your scroll

Postby Stevieboy » December 26th, 2011, 10:43 pm

Anybody opened one of the recent models?

Got two screws in the edge near the sockets, but no other openings to work with.
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Re: How to open your scroll

Postby SiriusHardware » January 6th, 2013, 8:16 pm

Just a quick note of thanks to the OP - had a 7" Scroll Essential given to me to repair because it wasn't charging and the dismantling guide - especially the pointer to the screws under the antenna cover - made taking it apart (Carefully) pretty painless, and certainly less so than some products made by that fruit company.

For information, the fault turned out to be pretty straightforward. The micro-DC power socket that the charger plugs into is only secured by 5 spots of solder, which is very soft metal. After the charging plug has been wiggled in and out of the socket a few hundred times the solder around the pins/pads securing the socket to the PCB cracks, leading to intermittent and then no charging. Resoldering the cracked joints makes it as good as new again.

With the unit apart, you still can't see the DC socket or its solder joints - on this example the power socket, USB sockets etc are mounted on a separate little PCB connected to the main PCB by one of those flat brown ribbon cables - I took four small screws out to release the small PCB and disconnected the ribbon so I could remove the small PCB to turn it over, allowing inspection and resoldering of the solder joints on the socket.

However, it wouldn't be possible to make the repair if you couldn't get into it in the first place, so thanks again to the OP.
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