Problem with Excel III

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Problem with Excel III

Postby andy89 » August 15th, 2013, 5:14 pm

I have purchased a Scroll Excel III recently.
In the hopes of trying to upload a recovery I have failed.
I am trying to root the device but finding it really hard to figure out how..
Wanting to root this device for the purpose of ROM change.
I have looked online about ADB transfers but find it confusing to understand how to actually do it.
I'm not expert but have previously rooted a Samsung Note in success.

Please could someone help me?


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Re: Problem with Excel III

Postby Trashcooky » August 15th, 2013, 6:05 pm

You don't need to be rooted to flash another rom as this can usually be done anyway using third party software and a PC. ;)

However, if you don't completely understand what you are doing then you run a very high risk of bricking your tablet. :o

There are no easy quick learn routes, you either do the studying until you know what you are undertaking and appreciate the personal risks involved - like being prepared to say goodbye to a perfectly good working tablet if you get it wrong - or you let well alone. :?

It sounds to me as if you should stick with the latter as you have a recent release tablet and flashing another rom won't necessarily provide the turbo go faster smoother whiz that many people feel sure a non stock rom will give them. :(
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