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Time please

PostPosted: January 31st, 2012, 7:29 pm
by Jeffscroll
Hi, don't know if anyone else has a similar home setup to me but I block outgoing traffic for port 123 (NTP) because I have my own Domain controller and firewall (smoothwall) the Firewall acts as the primary time server for the LAN. I noticed from the firewall logs that all 3 of my droids (inc the Scroll Excell) where attempting to connect to time servers in the states which I thought was a bit odd as I'm in the UK. (strange that there isn't an easy option to choose the time server from within settings) Anyhow, I installed "root checker" to confirm that I had root perms and then installed Clocksync. I was then able to enter the IP address of my own time server and get the clock right on the Scroll. I think Clocksync will be useful to anyone who wants to set the time server to a UK one.